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2007 – It’s not 2006 anymore.

Stop writing “06” when you write the date. It’s 2007.

Everyone likes to start fresh and make resolutions for the new year. HolySmith! is not one for resolutions. Resolutions are the useless things that Congress passes on days like when the Apollo 13 astronauts were in danger of dying in space, and Congress passed a resolution calling on Americans to pray for their safety. Like people were hoping they would die, right?

The official holySmith! position on this issue is that New Year’s Resolutions are too cliche. In the eternal struggle with the John Smith paradigm, this is a necessary position to adopt. Resolutions are a short-lived fad that start the first day of the New Year. That’s just how it is.

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  • El Gammy January 8, 2007, 9:20 am

    Not to be condescending or anything, but I made a resolution to read holysmith! more frequently. Just thought you should know. Great post though…

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