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56 East – Chandler

56 East is in Chandler on Ray and 56th Street tucked in that plaza with AJ’s, Showcase, Banana Republc, etc. (it is actually on the south east side of AJ’s in the back. The place is kind of cool — nice patio, large bar, decent happy hour. The menu is short and sweet, but the food is fantastic. There seemed to be more seafood dishes than anything, but their stuffed chicken was fantastic. The salmon, ribeye, and pork all got good marks, too. They have a great wine list, nice dim/romantic atmosphere and an overall upscale decor that fits with the rest of the stores in that plaza. Think of it as a BJ’s meets Pita Jungle kind of place.
On a scale of one to would I go back again . . . I would have to say that yes, the food is well worth it. It is a tad on the pricey side, but overall it is a good night out. The happy hour deals are actually pretty good (half off drinks/appetizers), the staff was very good, and they weren’t too busy either.

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