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After bailouts and debates, let’s look back and laugh

In the face of stress and dire circumstances, holySmith! is a big believer in taking a break for a good laugh. After a few weeks of headaches and stress over a variety of issues, I finally took a moment and laughed my ass off.

America, holySmith! is prescribing that you do the same. And without further ado, may I present what is possibly the all-time funniest YouTube video in the history of user-generated-for-the-purpose-of-wasting-time-at-work-videos: The Original Farting Preacher . . . Enjoy it with a friend!

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  • Todd November 4, 2008, 1:02 pm

    Never seen that before, wow. A perfect figurehead for evangelicals. Is he suppressing Tourette’s? Lawl.

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