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Aliens abduct holySmith!

No, seriously, they did.

I have been hard at work trying to figure out the creative and business aspects of a project that I have been involved with for quite some time. It has something to do with UFOs and Aliens. Basically, the plot is this: the aliens are here, in fact, they made our planet, and now, the main character (an alien) is trying to reach out to humans to gain their trust and understanding so he can show the humans their true role in the universe. I’ll leave it there.

And I needed a catchy blog title – thus the alien reference.

Other than that, I don’t have much to report. The holidays are over, and more importantly, 2008 is over. And good F-ing riddance to 2008. If not for holySmith! The Family (in general) and holySmith! The Boy’s excellent progress with growing, learning, talking etc., this would have easily gone down as THE WORST possible year in the history of history (for me anyway). I will spare you the details (insert mental image of holySmith! extending his middle finger to 2008 here — or just look at the little image I whipped up below).

holySmith! says, "F U 2008" (and you can get the Micky Mouse decal at signnetwork.com since that's where I found that image.
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