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Another SPAM rant, but not what you might think

I saw another “oh my god, I hate spam email” articles on MSNBC the other day. I was reading it and it really started to piss me off.

The article was about the most recent trends in spamming and how the spammers get the mail through the spam filters, but it had this attitude like there was no reason for the spam emails ever to be sent in the first place, which kills me. As much as I am annoyed by spam (and I get A LOT of it due to the nature of my business), the fact remains, SPAM works because people respond to it. It is the number one most effective form of advertising and converting. You (the general population) may hate it, but it works, and thus, it will continue.

I am an Internet marketer and my firm does email blasts via various established, opt-in networks (legit stuff). It’s a total pain in the ass to say the least. There is a lot of legwork to set up a large scale email campaign, but we wouldn’t do it if it weren’t worth it. There are still enough people out there who keep the demand for spam email alive and well. It is profitable, and god damn it, I want to retire comfortably just like the rest of you.

Did you know that the most (seemingly) useless spam emails (the ones with nonsense text and garbled images of stock quotes) actually can drive interest in a stock, which can completely affect change in the way a particular stock is traded? It’s true. Huge volume email (spam) blasts go out multiple times each day trying to plug whatever stock, and even though there are no actionable links in the spam emails, people wind up getting it in their heads that the stock might be “hot” and they call their stock broker to take action. It can drive a stock price up very quickly, but of course, it won’t stay there. It’s pure hype, just like any fad diet, or pretty much any cause that Oprah takes up. The whole world will jump on that same bandwagon like people did with the Detroit Red Wings — yeah, suddenly everyone’s from Detroit now?? Seriously, if you’ve ever lived in or around Detroit, it’s nothing to brag about.

But yes, a spam email blast can completely move a stock (inflating it before it crashes of course, but the money is already made). The other problem I have with people and their email is that most people actually do submit their email address to different places and that’s how they wind up on mailing lists, which means, YOU OPTED IN. The emails come and they come complete with opt-out, usually in the form of a link. All you have to do is opt out, and you will stop getting the email from that place. What I hate is that people will receive legit stuff in their email, but mark it as spam because they are too lazy to just opt out (which works better). Save your junk mail flags for the real spammers people. Anyone who runs a mailserver knows what I mean.

Once again (say it with me) SPAM is YOUR FAULT.
So the official holySmith! stance on SPAM email is that yes, it sucks, especially when you get 300-500 of them a day and you have a Pocket PC phone that gets email. It sucks, but the ultimate blame is with YOU!. Yes, holySmith! says “SPAM is YOUR FAULT”.

Get over it.

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  • El Gammy January 21, 2007, 9:02 am

    Wow dude. I’m pretty sure this was your Jerry McGwire moment.

    Are you gonna put this “rant” on everyone’s mailbox and then come in on Monday and ask “Who’s with me?” Then take your goldfish and startup a firm of your own with Renee Zellweger?

    You know… cuz if you do… you won’t need to give her the “you complete me” speech, you’ll simply have her at “hello.” Just FYI.

    Aside from all that, there was a large portion of information in this post that was very interesting and helpful. Especially to me. Now I feel more justified in what I’m doing, rather than dirty like Britney after getting Federlined. Thanks holysmith!

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