AOL is still around and they have a new logo

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AOL is now “Aol.”

I did not make these - AOL (sorry, Aol.) did.

I did not make these - AOL (sorry, Aol.) did.

This new logo has been the talk of the design world recently – something I now pay attention to since I am into that kind of stuff. Most designers don’t like the change for various reasons – but that’s not a surprise since most designers don’t like anything not created by either themselves or Apple (that was a friendly jab, but seriously, that’s how many of them are).


Anyway, here’s my contribution to the Aol. parody logo rage that’s all the big deal on the Interwebs now:
AOL is Aol.

Not unlike the brilliant viral video that Microsoft did for Windows 7 Launch Parties, I think this might be a calculated plan on Aol.’s part because they planted the obviously bad logo schemes out there so people like me can make fun of it. More people are now talking about Aol. [<- that's their period, not mine] than have in a long time, just because they unveiled shitty logo set. From that point of view, it's already mission accomplished. Now weather they still have a viable business is anyone with a dial-up modem's guess, but that's not for holySmith! to decide.

4 Comments on “AOL is still around and they have a new logo”

  1. I remember when I called to cancel AOL… pardon me… Aol. when cable internet was invented. The stupid biatch on the phone was pleading with me to keep it on top of my Cox high-speed internet. She was offering me all kinds of stuff, like 3 free months, more email accounts or screennames, sex, drugs… you know: the usual.

    Anyways, I literally had to tell her to stop offering me shit, shut the fuck up and cancel the goddamn account. She seemed more desperate than holySmith! in an alley behind a gay bar. At the time I thought Aol. had 3 months to live.

    Goddamnit… recounting that experience just pissed me off. Thanks a lot, douche. And online is one word now, so they should just call themselves Ao.

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  3. I must say that there is nothing i wish for more, than to see this company bite the dust. I have always hated AOL since its inception, their crappy service, their shitty email, and the way their software just tried to overide your computer with their endless updates. I think anyone who is not living in a trailer in some ass end corner of creation sohuld be arrested and killed for using it. Theese people are the reason AOL is still around. They either can’t afford cable, or are just to freaking stupid to know you don’t need it to get online anymore. i know some people who still use it even if they have comcast or verizon. They actually still pay for it too. AOL Americas Obvious Losers.

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