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April Fools or Will The Great One Skate Again?

Sharks/Coyotes are on right now and they just announced between periods that Gretzky has activated himself as a player/coach and he will center the checking line. Now, it is April Fools Day, so this is probably a cruel joke to die hard hockey fans (I am sure the Bulls are reporting they signed MJ for the remainder of the season, too). But, we shall see.

If this is true, I might actually make the trek out to Glandale to see a game this year, even if Wayne only plays a shift or two. I saw him play years ago, which was sweet. I’ve seen some of the great sports legends play over the years, so if this is true and you have the means, I highly recommend going to see him. He IS hockey, so his mere presence on an ice rink is something special.

So hopefully this isn’t a prank. If so, it’s a good one and it should already have the ticket sales spiking as we speak. Clever.

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