Arizona Bark Scorpion Fatso

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This is the world famous Arizona Bark Scorpion. This particular specimen was flushed out of his hiding spot when I was hosing off the patio the other day.

[Arizona Bark Scorpion who lived on my patio until recently.]

Scorpions are common here in AZ and in/around my house. When you encounter enough of them, they become less and less scary. But this one was different. This particular one is by far the fattest scorpion I’ve ever seen. Mostly they are smaller and flatter, but this guy must have been feasting on the local cockroaches or black widow spiders that live in our neighborhood. Or maybe he ate my neighbors since I haven’t seen them in a while, who really knows.

Generally, the larger they are, the less dangerous they are when they sting you with some of their potentially deadly venom. Unfortunately, they only need about a 1/16″ crack in your wall before they invite themselves into your house, so only the most dangerous ones tend to be inside.

I’m pretty sure this fatty couldn’t have fit through that small of an opening and I think he was just waiting for me to open the patio doors so he could come in and have a beer or whatever.

Given that these little bastards can cause some serious damage to people, especially kids, I make sure to eliminate the threat. Permanently. With linesman pliers. I also use vinegar (they hate that) and I have an LED blacklight flashlight for night inspections, just in case, say, holySmith The Parents are visiting from out of town and one or both of them needs to go out on the patio to have a smoke.

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