ASU Football

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Two games in so far and ASU is 2-0, as expected. They blew out Nevada tonight and they beat NAU last week despite a near-disaster performance.

Our season tickets are in the same place as last year in the North endzone next to the visiting team’s tunnel. The seats are great and we sit with a fun bunch of people. The best part is that the games are fun, the atmosphere is exciting, and the season ticket package is really cheap given the kind of seats we have.

The lone drawback so far this year is the parking situation, but we seem to have found a way around it. It seems that ASU has decided to make all the parking lots season pass only lots, which is total crap.

Other than that, we plan on tailgating when Oregon comes to town for the next home game. This year we are better prepared for the tailgate excusions. The Devils are ranked this year, so hopefully the season will end up better than last year.

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