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Before I get into the sports talk, I got news today that my cousin Dave is getting married. He asked me to be in his wedding which I obviously agreed to. He is also moving into his condo today. So congrats to him on that big news.

And now, on with the show. . .

Today was ASU versus Northwestern. The wife and I are season ticket holders along with Cory, Lee, John, and his family. The seats are awesome (5th row, north endzone, right next to the visitor tunnel).

We got there way early today and tailgated, which was fun. It is still a bit hot out, but the food is fantastic and the rest is just hangin’ out and relaxing. ASU pretty much destroyed N’western, but the ASU defense had a TON of penalties called against it and it got to be ridiculous after a while.

The bottom line is that they have to pull their act together with USC coming in here in two weeks, otherwise, it is going to be ugly. If they can put together a penalty-free performance and do what they are doing, I think they have a chance to make a game out of it versus USC — maybe even upset them.

In other sports news, the St. Louis Cardinals beat up the Cubs today (shocker), and in doing so clinched the Central Division. The Cardinals go all the way this year. Period. Now, for my yearly Cubs rant…

Thankfully, the Houston Astros decided to play ball late in the year giving the Cardinals something to pay attention to in their rear view mirror. The Cubs were so far back after their usual collapse that the Reds and Brewers were starting to look good. C’mon the Cubs. As much as I know better than to ever root for you, it would be nice once in a while if you would at least try to hang with the Cardinals and get in the wild card game. It is so pathetic listening to Cubs fans talk about how this year is going to be “their year” and then BAM! suddenly it is August and they are 20 games back because they can’t figure out how to manage a bench and a bullpen to make it through the season healthy. Christ, Tony LaRussa published a book on the subject this year…perhaps Dusty should read it since he burns through his star players like a Dot Com burned through VC funding circa 1999.

The Cubs are the yin to the Cardinals’ yang, so as great as it is seeing the Cubs suck year after year, it sure does take the wind out of the rivalry’s sails when one of the two teams (usually the Cubs) is not competitive with the other. At least in 98 when the Cubs had the better record, the Cards offered the Big Mac show to distract everyone. I am sure that both sides of the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry want the same thing — for both of them to be competitive at the same time, all the way from start to finish. This was one of the years when I was actually really excited going into the new season about both teams being in it all the way through the season. Even more so this year since most of the Cubs/Cards games were shifted to after the all star break. Think how fun it would be today if the Cardinals went in to Wrigley with only a game or two between them. How great would it be to see them both in the post season? The world is sick of Yankees/Red Sox. C’mon the Cubs.

Football is here, hockey is coming up soon, and the baseball post season is soon. Times are good for this sports fan!

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