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Holy Crap, am I busy. Now, most people just say that as an excuse to not have to interact with others, but when I say it, I seriously mean that if I didn’t have a wife or ferrets or any other things happening in my life, I would literally not leave my office for three or four days at a time. Today I had to force myself to eat my lunch. Yesterday, I just didn’t eat. Even though I know it is horrible and I am totally conscious of that, I just didn’t let up with my mile-long to-do list long enough to eat something.
The thing is, I get so wrapped up and so focused on what I am doing that I have to consciously twack myself in the ear and get my attention off of work and on to my other life happenings. That is why I try to stay off my computer when I get home. Home time has enough things happening on its own that I can’t afford to have work wherever I am all the time.

When I get home, I spend my time with the wife and the pets, doing whatever we want or need to do. Sometimes it is catching up on recorded TV shows, running errands, or chasing ferrets around the place, but whatever it is, it isn’t work. I am learning how to definitely separate the two as much as possible to allow for regeneration. I do require a bit of a transition period when going from one to the other — usually my time to unwind, finish thinking through an issue, or just to not be around other humans before I have to be around another set of humans. I think that is OK. Sometimes I think back to college when I worked full time, went to school full time, chased ass, partied, did random things, had a social life, and still got it all done. I never thought I would be that busy, and “just working” after graduation would be a walk in the park. Not so. Being married adds a whole new aspect to life simply because you have someone else there all the time. You can’t stop being married one day just because you want to and you can’t just not go to work. Work hard, play harder has always been my motto, but I am beginning to understand why doing the boring, stay-at-home, married thing is so valuable. While the transition in my life has been a definite change the more I think about it, I think it will keep me healthy and on top of things both personally and professionally.

Now I just wish I could get my wife to see the benefits!

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