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Blinded by zeros

The Moon is really F-ing far away.

The Moon is really F-ing far away.

Wow. The zeros – they’re blinding. Debt, bailouts, and all that have made holySmith! blind, even numb to what’s really happening out there.

These inconceivable numbers carry almost no meaning to most of us because they are incomprehensibly large, like the number of potential stars in our universe or the number of grains of sand on all the beaches on our planet.

You’d basically have to smoke a quarter-ton bag of weed just to try to get your brain around those kinds of numbers. What do they really mean? Has our empire begun its inevitable fall? Can we pull out of the flat spin?

Hell if I know.

I did read an interesting figure that someone posted on Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog. . .Four trillion one dollar bills, all stacked up would reach a height of 271,464 miles. Four trillion dollars is the amount of our current bailout money so far. . .and just for some perspective, the Moon is about 271,000 miles from us.

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