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My personal portable hard drive crashed, and with it went a lot of personally valuable data, such as all my digital photos, all my music, video, and a bunch of other documents. My X-Box 360 also had to be shipped into Microsoft for service due to the red-light-ring-of-death hardware failure. My old work PC was on its last leg, so I got that replaced, but in the process, I lost my work MP3 collection (it was to be transferred via my aforementioned personal hard drive).

So, I am on the verge of writing country music here.

I won’t even start about the dryer quitting, the washer stopping, and the ancient air conditioner that will probably breathe its last breath sometime this summer. Good thing I don’t own a pickup truck.

At this point, all I really care about is getting out of town for a few days to spend with friends and family. I hope in that time to regain some energy and perspective and sort of refuel my tanks a bit. Work has been a drain lately and I just need to step away from it for a bit.

Now for something completely different:
While it may look pretty bleak now, the Cardinals will still win the NL Central this year. How the hell can you say that holySmith! (I know that’s what you’re thinking). I have a feeling that all the negativity is playing out at once instead of spreading it out over the entire season. The Cardinals have generally worked in spurts, and this is a prolonged shit-slide for sure. First they forget how to hit a baseball, then they lose Carpenter, then Hancock dies, then they just suck. Things are slowly starting to regain some sense of normal, and I predict that all the usual crappiness is just happening all at once for them this year. Normally we have injuries spread out over the whole year, then the tragedy, then the inability for Rolen and Edmonds to hit…yeah, all of this is now happening. But it won’t persist. Mark my words.

The Cardinals will win the NL Central. Do you really think the Brewers will sustain? The Astros are all 79 years old and waiting to die. The Cubs are the Cubs, although they have the most potential of all the teams. And apparently they still have professional baseball teams in Cincinnatti and Pittsburgh. Given all that, the Cardinals pretty much have no excuse. But once the injured come back and the hitters get in sync again, they will go on a run just about the same time the other teams start losing players to injuries and their hitters start slumping, pitchers start wearing out, etc. Things will look up for the Redbirds.

The Cardinals will win the NL Central.

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  1. You are correct sir! Just as an aside, when I google holy smith! a message comes up and says: did you mean Holly Smith? and I say(to myself)no, I meant holy smith.Can you have this fixed? The Cardinals will win this year because Jocketty and LaRussa still have the power to make the moves needed to win. The problem will occur when Bill DeWitt decides he wants to cash in on his amazing equity position(as he and W,the president,did in Texas)The Astros will once again win 39 of their last 40 games and finish 1 game behind, and Roger Clemens will blow out his arm while throwing at Mike Piazza.Call me Nostradamus.

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