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Bongos is a tiny bar and grille on the northwest corner of Ray and McClintock in Chandler (in the plaza with Albertson’s). We kept seeing the breakfast special sign outside all the time when we lived over in that area, so we stopped in one day. We’ve been going ever since. They are small, but whatever complaints you might have about the place are quickly dispelled once you have their breakfast.

First, they have a huge menu. I pretty much only get breakfast and I still haven’t tried everything. They serve huge plates of food. You will be stuffed. The 7-egg omlette is rather fantastic, although you it will be with you for days. Their sausage absolutely rules. Had this place been around when I was in college (and when I was drinking like I was in college), it would not only be one of the places I would drink (it’s a bar at night), but it would also be the place where I would get my hangover grease fix the day following the night of heavy college drinking.

Ahhh, Bongos. The people who work there are great, although I noticed they recently hired some new people. I hope they are growing a bit, actually. For a while there, we thought they might fold because a new chain sportsbar opened up across the street. But the food is worth it. It is a classic dive/hole in the wall kind of place that just has the best food. Trust me. Go there.

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