Borders taunts me with emails

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I’ve been feeling a bit hostile at work today, so I thought I’d take my aggressions out on innocent by-standers via the written word. All I needed was a catalyst, and one glance at my email took care of that. . .

First image: Here you’ll notice a screen shot of my Outlook. Notice the subject line from Borders book stores which reads: “What’s the matter, don’t you like books anymore?”

[Click the image for a larger version.] The email from Borders.

Second image: And (in case you can’t read the image) here’s what I decided to shoot back at them:
[Click the image for a larger version.] My response to Borders' inquiry. . .

No, it’s not that I don’t like books anymore you fucktards, it’s because you closed the Borders location that was within walking distance of my house. Thanks for that. Really.

I have since been wooed by the good folks at Barnes and Noble. Yes, I have traded my red Borders card for one of theirs. They didn’t board up their store, so they are easier for me to love (and I don’t have to drive halfway across town to enjoy their selection of books and music).

If you really want me back as a customer, perhaps you can send me a copy of David Gilmour’s Live at Gdansk 5 DVD/CD box set free of charge and perhaps we’ll talk.



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  1. Hah! I got this marketing e-mail from Borders, too. Was curious to see if anyone else was as annoyed about it as me. Good on you for writing back!

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