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Boycott ESPN

Boycott ESPN today. Much like the news, ESPN force feeds the audience. Much like the news networks, ESPN has totally lost touch with most of its audience and what the audience wants to see.

I am a sports fan, but I have other sources for my sports news and updates besides ESPN. The website and the networks are so east coast biased now that it is painful to watch any longer. My teams are not well represented on the network.

If the Red Sox and Yankees are out, ESPN finds ways to make the news about those teams. If the Yankees lose, the story is not about the team that beat them, rather, an in-depth analysis of what’s wrong with the Yankees.

The same applies to the Patriots.

If T.O. ceased to exist, I am quite sure there would be no reason to continue the football coverage on ESPN.

ESPN doesn’t care about the sports fan any more. They pander to the New England market and they gloss over the rest of the teams when it comes to highlights. What used to be the crown jewel of cable television has completely turned me off to the point where I just don’t care to watch. The only thing that is worth watching on ESPN are the ESPN SportsCenter commercials. Those are still entertaining most of the time, but the rest is just crap.

Boycott ESPN. Seriously.

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