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Boys and their toys

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. . .

holySmith! The Boy is officially hooked on the Star Wars movies (all six of them, Empire is his favorite so far). We watch Star Wars no fewer than two times per day now. In fact, holySmith! The Wife and I haven’t seen the news or a ballgame in weeks due to this new fascination of his (not that I am complaining).

It wasn’t long after the movie binge started that The Boy took notice of the stock in his walk-in closet, which is the home of the entire holySmith! Star Wars collection. “Daddy,” he said, “can I play with your snow-walker?”

AT-AT and my other Star Wars toys

And it was that innocent question which broke the enormous lock around the Star Wars toys. They have been under the tightest protections and kid-gloves care for years. Ask anyone who has helped me move in the past 15 years or so (and there are a lot of you). NOBODY gets to touch the well-labeled boxes that make up “the collection”.

All this time, I’ve held on these toys thinking that by saving them and keeping them in good condition, I would some day be able to put a kid through college. The reality is that while some of these toys are worth some money, they aren’t worth enough money to put anyone through school. So the REAL reason these toys have kept with me all this time is now playing out via The Boy. It was worth it to move them, state after state, so that he could have the same fun with them that I had with them.

He LOVES these toys. I have taken the strategy of slowly releasing them toy-by-toy so that he can appreciate that it takes the setting and achieving of goals to attain the toys (they work as a good motivator for things like successful missions to the potty, etc). I still restrict his access to the “top shelf” (literally) stuff because those are the things that have never been opened or that are still in mint condition. I also haven’t let him see the actual action figures yet only because I individually bagged and bubble-wrapped every one of them years ago and it was painstaking work done to preserve the oldest of the action figures. Eventually, he’ll get to those.


In the meantime, he gets to play with the AT-AT, X-Wing, Y-wing, B-wing, Tie Interceptor, Rebel Troop Transport and a handful of other ships. He also likes the 3-piece Mr. Potato Head set which includes a potato R2D2, the Spudtrooper and Darth Tater. He wears the Darth Vader voice-changer mask around now to scare his mommy (awesome) while swinging my ROTJ Luke Skywalker lightsaber. He even likes the non-toy toys, like the Darth Maul soap dispenser, the Darth Vader piggy bank which talks and swings a lightsaber, and a few others.

Now I kinda can’t wait ’til he’s into baseball cards and comic books. . .boy will he be in for a surprise.

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