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Bumper-ology continued: W is still president

So we went over to the Costco Home store today to check out rugs for the townhouse. In the parking lot, I saw a big two-tone Lincoln Towncar that had two bumper stickers. One was “Bush-Cheney 04” and the other was “W – Still the President”.


I thought about that for a second and I guess that’s about the ONLY positive thing you can say about him. . . “Yep, he is still the president”. No arguing that.

Naturally that should be on a bumper sticker. Karl Rove is probably proud of that one. That’s a brilliant retort to all the mocking of the president, like “W – Still and Idiot” and stuff like that. Political arguments via bumper stickers are very much like arguments between six-year-olds that include such jabs as “my dog could beat up your dog” and “I know you are but what am I?”.

I only wish I could have seen the people who owned the car. I still have yet to meet anyone who A) admits they voted for Bush and B) openly supports him and his actions. We live in a country where the first public reaction to anything is “who is to blame” for anything that happens. Why can’t Americans just admit we fucked up and move on with a better solution? It doesn’t matter who you voted for…we win as a team and we lose as a team.

Our country is completely jacked up because we have nationwide mourning and candle light vigils when 32 people are tragically murdered, but we could give two shits that 500 people were killed a few days later in the Middle East due to our president’s actions and choices in that whole mess. Lots of innocent kids died there, too, and it is equally tragic in my humble opinion, but nobody is holding a candle light vigil for that. Nobody is discussing how those people are trying to put the pieces back together. It’s a shame that those things happened, but it is disturbing how little we care about things that aren’t happening here, even when we are just as responsible for tragedies outside our borders.

But hey, W is still our president.

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  • uncle bob April 22, 2007, 11:09 pm

    W is still our president. He still has 1/3 of the country approving of the job he’s doing because he is our first real christian president. Those people that believe they have clout in the white house(despite reports that Rove et al only took care of the Christians to get the vote) are showing what large leaps of faith Christians are willing to take.Win or Lose, I think all election materials should expire one year after the election, but then again it seems the campaigns never end.Vote Fred Thompson in ’08. We haven’t had a real bimbo for a first lady for a long time.Back to the bumper sticker wars.

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