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Calling Cardinal Nation

Let the shit-talking begin (http://www.cubsvscards.com/)!

After years of talking about doing this site, Chad and I finally put it up. CubsVsCards is a blog site not unlike holySmith!, but its sole purpose is to honor and further the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. And by “honor and further” the rivalry, we mean talk shit about each other in a loving way that only dudes seem to understand.

Chad (HarryFromHeaven) and I (HereComesTheKing) have been talking shit to each other for as long as we’ve worked together (over the course of more than 7 years now), so this has been in the works for quite a while. We have friends who share in the shit-talking, so the site gives us the perfect way to publicly thrash each other’s teams, hope, dreams. . .

In less than 24 hours of being live, the site has already received praise from major media outlets. In fact, Rolling Stone magazine gave it 5 stars and called it “the feel good hit of the summer”. Ebert and Roper gave it “two thumbs up. . .WAY UP!”. Time Magazine called it “a tour-de-force”. The Washington Post also said, “Fantastic. . .entertainment. . .that’s free.”

Yeah, it’s that good. Now get over there.

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  • Uncle Bob July 18, 2007, 11:19 pm

    Why bother setting up this web site. Cubs fans are named Chad. Cardinal fans have real American type names like Jon and Bob. Enough Said.

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