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Cardinals shouldn’t even be there

They made it to the World Series, but they shouldn’t have made the playoffs. The losing skid almost landed them on an early vacation, but somehow they are in Detroit playing the Tigers. So, I am pretty excited, but cautious about it at the same time.

They have to win four games, then I will be happy.

One of the best things so far about the Cardinals winning is that they eliminated the final hope for the Eastcoast Sports and PR Network (ESPN). No more Yankees. No more Mets. Unfortunately, that means no more baseball coverage on ESPN until spring training, but that’s cool. I am already boycotting ESPN (See the article below this one).

Hopefully this one turns out better than the 1968 series did.

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  • El Gammy October 27, 2006, 10:47 am

    Don’t look now dude, but the Cards are up 3-1 with one more game to go in St. Louis. It’s getting awfully close to “happy” time isn’t it?

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