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Cardinals versus Cubs – THE Rivalry

No other rivals compare to the brotherly love/hate relationship that is the Cardinals and Cubs in baseball. The I-55 Series keeps Midwesterners going all summer long. Now, with a new stadium in St. Louis and a shithole in Chicago that will probably collapse under its own weight this year, the 2006 installment of the rivalry will kick off with all new shit to talk, all new players, and one more year of dissapointed Cubs fans, who will start talking about how next year will be the Cubs’ year (this talk usually starts around July when the sobering reality of their suckiness sets in).

It is just a fact of life that they Cubs suck. Why can’t more people understand that? The best baseball lives and breathes in St. Louis. Period. Wrigleville was pretty much built by St. Louis, so the Cubs owe everything to Anheiser Busch. They own the entire area around the stadium on the North Side, and they also sent the Cubs Harry Caray.

This is just the start….more on this topic to come once the first pitch is thrown. Feel free to chime in, too.

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