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Cardinals Win! (Now I can come clean).

The St. Louis Cardinals just won the 2006 World Series, officially completing THE GREATEST WEEK in holySmith! history. The first child of holySmith! showed up this week (a bit early). Apparently he wanted to watch the rest of the World Series, so he made his debut early Sunday morning between games one and two. I think he helped extend the good luck sports streak that holySmith! has had throughout his life.

holySmith! has a direct effect on certain teams from certain cities to win championships in certain sports.

A brief history of holySmith!:

  • holySmith! lived in St. Louis in 1982, Cardinals won the World Series
  • holySmith! lived in Chicago in 1985-1986, Bears won the Super Bowl
  • holySmith! lived in Detroit in 1990-1991, Pistons won back-to-back NBA titles
  • holySmith! lived in Denver in 1995-1996, Avalanche won Stanley Cup
  • holySmith! lived in Chicago (again) in 1997, Bulls won (another) NBA title
  • holySmith! lived in Phoenix in 2001, Diamondbacks win the World Series

The Cardinals Confession
holySmith! was born in St. Louis. He lived in St. Louis in 1982 when the Cardinals won their last World Series. During the ’82 Series, holySmith! was angry at his parents because they got to go to one of the games and he didn’t. That was a crushing blow. In fact, holySmith! was so angry, he drew a picture of the Milwaukee Brewers logo with the word “GO” above it and handed it to his mother and father before they left for the game that night.

Yes, holySmith! was 8-years old and he was pissed for not getting to go to the game. After all, he got to go to two of the NLCS games versus the Braves that year, but WS tickets were tougher to get, so he got hosed. But in his temporary anger at the Cardinals, something happened: they won.

Fast forward to this year. If you will recall, the Cardinals nearly gave the Central Division title to the Astros in the last two weeks of the regular season. The previous blog post shows what holySmith! was feeling. The Cardinals didn’t really belong there, but holySmith! did say that one of two things would happen: either the Cardinals wouldn’t make the playoffs this year, or if they did sneak in, maybe, just maybe they would go all the way.

And look what happened.

I was mad at the Cardinals while they beat up on San Diego because they almost didn’t make the playoffs. I was happy they won, but I remained cautious and guarded as they played the Mets. Once we got by the Mets, I was thrilled to see them in the big series again, but again, I remained guarded.

So, I decided to take it one game at a time, and it turns out, that actually does work. We took game one in Detroit, then my boy was born a few hours later. We dropped game two, but I was totally distracted with the kid at that point in the day. I managed to watch the game, but baby was the real focus.

Once they got the series back to STL, things started to get interesting. The Tigers seriously weren’t playing well, but the Cardinals felt strong. The pitching was there and the team was hitting the ball. Something just felt different about this series, yet I remained cautious.

Even as the Cards went up 3-1, I was cautious. I remember 1985 very well, and I know teams can come back from 3-1 and win the World Series against the Cardinals. I still hate the Royals for that reason. 1987 was equally heartbreaking. And the 04 sweep–well, I wrote that off as the Cardinals taking one for baseball fans everywhere by letting the Red Sox win a series so we can finally stop hearing all the douchebag Red Sox fans crying about their damned curse.

So it was with a heavy heart that I watched the last two games of the series. I wanted to talk smack and yell REALLY loud and all that, but I held off. I maintained an even strain throughout the entire playoffs, took it one game at a time, and god willing, it paid off (cliches are awesome).

And here I am. The boy is a good-luck charm for the Cardinals this year. He went to his first Cardinals game (in the womb) in St. Louis this past July. They came back and beat the Indians in a great game. He went to another Cards/Diamondbacks game later in the year, but he decided to share his good luck with the home team and the DBacks wound up winning that game. The Force is strong with this one.

Now, he pops out and boom, we get the World Series and we do it in St. Louis no less. How’s that for a great week.

FYI: The boy is healthy and he’s a very happy baby. So far he doesn’t cry much, but why would he? His boys just took the World Series!

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