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Chuck Norris is a way of life

Clearly, Chuck Norris is an icon of ass-whoopin.

The evidence: Chuck Norris Facts. This is a website that you should not look at while you work. It will quickly take the viral route around your office. It is highly addictive and requires the kind of office setup that allows you to laugh outloud. It is another glowing example of why the Internet is great. It ranks highly, in fact, here in the holySmith! archive of time wasting while you work. Not that I have time to waste time at work (I am writing this at home while watching Wonderfalls, which never should have been cancelled). My job is too fun and too challenging to ever waste time. No, really. Just because I work on the Internet does not mean I spend time galavanting around the goofy sites that cause people to lose time on the job. No, not me. Not my office.

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  • El Gammy March 25, 2006, 5:32 pm

    I felt so guilty reading this since I was responsible for introducing Chuck Norris Facts into our workplace. And the sarcasm at the end is well….pretty damn sarcastic. I’m leaving the Steven Seagal Facts article at home…

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