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Conversations with a 2-year-old

At age two-and-a-half, holySmith! The Boy and I are having some great talks. We had a few great moments just the other day (April 14, 2009) that I wanted to chronicle here just because.

This first one was completely out of the blue. He just walked up to me and started telling me about something he did outside earlier in the day. By the way, I made a movie out of it.

This next one was later the same evening during the St. Louis Cardinals/Arizona Diamondbacks game. He and I were watching it on TV. He got up off the chair we were sharing, he grabbed a bite of his food, then he went over to the couch. . .this one didn’t lend itself well to a movie, so I will just write out what happened.

holySmith!:Are you going to sit over on the couch and stretch out?
holySmith! The Boy: Yeah.
holySmith!: OK, why don’t you get a pillow and lay back and watch the baseball game?
holySmith! The Boy: (He sits up and looks at me) Daddy, you need a beer!
holySmith!: Ummm. . .(jaw drops open)
holySmith! The Boy: (He jumps off the couch and runs to the kitchen where he opens the fridge) Daddy, I’m going to get you a beer!
holySmith!: Ummm, dude, we don’t have any beer.
holySmith! The Boy: (He comes running back carrying a bottle of Juicy Juice, berry flavor). Daddy, we can have juice!
holySmith!: Darn right we can have juice! Let’s have juice together and watch baseball (we pour juice into my glass and into his cup).
holySmith! The Boy: Yay!!

It was shocking, yet awesome in so many ways that my kid, without any prompting whatsoever, just decided to want to get me a beer. I didn’t ask him for one or anything, he just basically got really exited to offer one to me. Welcome to conversations with 2-year-olds, I suppose.

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  • El Gammy April 17, 2009, 10:02 am

    Without a shadow of a doubt, your BEST POST EVER. You’ve had some great ones holySmith, but this one actually forces me to stop calling you holyDouche because of it’s sheer brilliance and hilarity.

    Remember this shit? Here’s you being a hypocrite:

    I can’t wait until holySmith! The Baby grows up enough to ask me questions like this. I know they are coming and I am already starting to formulate my responses based on the context of the questions that will ultimately be posed.

    Cursing and swearing are fantastic. I think I have determined that these words should not be censored, rather, celebrated. What really makes a word “bad” anyway? Hmmm…sounds like another potential blog topic on holySmith.com.

  • holySmith! April 17, 2009, 3:06 pm

    Thank you, indeed, El Gammy. Now that the swearing has set in with him, I am confident he’ll be intelligent enough to know when and when not to use his new found power of potty-mouth. I still think the swearing is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing funnier than swear words that come from the mouth of a two-year-old. You should see him trying to do hand farts. . .makes a papa proud.

  • The Cousin #2 April 27, 2009, 5:59 pm

    The boy gets it from you…when we were younger we would get beer for Grandpa all the time. Sometimes he wasn’t ready for one but took it anyway. I can’t wait to see the boy again.

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