Conversations with a 3-Year-Old Episode 1

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Welcome to Season 2 of ‘Conversations’. Since holySmith! The Boy recently turned three, I decided to move ahead with a new season.

To set the scene, we took holySmith! The Boy to Chili’s on Mill Ave on the evening of his birthday (that’s where he wanted to go). When we get there, we have a cute waitress. . .so without further ado. . .

One Comment on “Conversations with a 3-Year-Old Episode 1”

  1. Another zinger from holySmith the boy. The only way it could’ve possibly been better is if he would’ve said “I can’t pick her up because she’s too fat.” But I guess if that would’ve been the case you probably wouldn’t have urged him to pick her up in the first place.

    Either way, good work.

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