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To set the scene: holySmith! The Boy finally has decided that the time has come to commit to going in the potty. For the past year, he has known how to do it, but for whatever stubborn reasons, he flat-out decided NOT to do it in his potty chair when nature called. Instead, he opted for his diaper.

And then tonight, he decided to wear his boxers instead of his diaper. So just before he jumps into his bed, I ask him to make a quick trip to his potty. He walks over, does his business, goes through the whole process, washes his hands, and then jumps in bed. He was very proud.

So I tell him what a good boy he is for going in his potty and all that, and within 15 seconds of getting tucked in, he squirms out of his blankets and says he has to go again. He goes through the entire process again, washes his hands and I tuck him in again. After maybe one more minute, he slides out of his bed, walks over to his bathroom and sits down to go yet again. I guess he’s making up for lost time or something, but it’s a big step, so I encourage it.

The following is our post-poopy conversation:

4 Comments on “Conversations with a 3-year-old episode 2”

  1. Dude… I gotta call bullshit on him making the reference to the giant snake that ate the Millennium Falcon. I don't doubt holySmith the Boy's intellectual capacity for one single second – as he is a bright young lad – but the analogy is just too perfectly woven into the conversation to not have been at least partially fabricated. I mean… it reeks of your impressive analogical abilities.

    In any case, pass on my congrats to the Boy for conquering his toilet demons. And welcome to the I-no-longer-have-to-wipe-my-child's-ass club.

  2. I can honestly say that the big snake comment was 100% of his creation and in no way enhanced for dramatic purposes. That particular scene in Empire is one of his favorites, actually, so I think it was on his mind anyway. And the asteroid monster in Empire does look like a giant turd with teeth, so you can see how the connection could be made, even by a 3-year-old.

    I am one proud papa.

  3. Bird shit, sea lions can’t poop, asteroid monster poop… I believe this is the 7th episode (5 in season 1, 2 in season 2 thus far) of Conversations with a 2/3 year old and poop has been the main topic of conversation 3 times already. Since I know you’re not a math major, I’ll be kind enough to let you know that that’s a 43% ratio of poop to non-poop topics between you and holyBoy.

    I’ll be the first to acknowledge the importance of poop, especially in a young child’s life… but 43% of the time? That seems kinda high, even for a boy. Just sayin’… try talking to him about other stuff too… like pee.

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