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Dreaming of a green xmas

holySmith! is dreaming of a green xmas.

And it’s not like the ones I used to know. At all. I thought about this the closer we got to the holidays, and not just because this is another scaled-back xmas for me due to a lack of disposable income. We are doing holiday cards this year, so rather than get the usual package of cards, I looked to find a set of “green” cards (no, not those kind of green cards, El Gammy). I wasn’t sure there was such a thing, but to my delight, there were a bunch of places that carried them online. So we ordered some.

But as we got the few kid presents we wanted to get this year, I started thinking about things like gift wrap. That’s a major waste of paper if you think about it. There has to be other ways to wrap gifts, but peer pressure and tradition are hard to overcome. I think this one will take some time.

Driving around at night during the holidays sees another colossal waste of energy: xmas lights. But again, what would the holidays be without people complaining about having to put the damn lights up, then illuminating them every night for six or eight weeks. And don’t forget those inflatable snowmen and other gaudy lawn decor from Costco.

Then there is the travel, the landfill-filling packaging, and the millions of real and fake trees. It’s enough to make a goddamned hippie’s head explode.

holySmith! isn’t a traditional tree hugger, but the more you really think about it, the more difficult it is to be green this time of year. Being broke helps since I won’t be contributing AS MUCH to the consumption machine, but I am certainly not perched atop a soapbox shouting down at the non-greenies for their bad habits or anything. I am simply noting that it is quite difficult to be totally green this time of year.

After all, I did say that I was only DREAMING of a green xmas.

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  • El Gammy December 18, 2007, 10:06 am

    What a traditional tree hugger.

  • madame December 28, 2007, 11:37 am

    the kind that go out and literally hug and/or chain themselves to plant life?

  • holySmith! December 28, 2007, 11:17 pm

    holySmith! has never chained himself to nor has he hugged (literally) any kind of tree (or other plantlife) at any time. Period.

  • El Gammy January 2, 2008, 2:08 pm

    That denial was eerily similar to this one. And look how that one turned out?

    So, for you, is visiting a greenhouse the equivalent of going to the Playboy Mansion for us heterosexuals?

  • holySmith! January 2, 2008, 2:48 pm

    I don’t think anything bad came from Bill Clinton getting a BJ in the oval office. In fact, I think any heterosexual man would think Bill is a hero for getting a BJ in the oval office and I can totally appreciate the fact that he tried to cover up a BJ from a fat chick – what heterosexual man wouldn’t? I suppose it could have been worse, like if he tried to lie about the presence of NUC-U-LAR weapons in Iraq or something.

    As for the Playboy Mansion, holySmith! (like any true heterosexual man) would love a visit there. With all that un-naturally hot ass, you get the fun of partying with elite ladies who are walking examples of how plastic recycling saves our planet.

  • El Gammy January 3, 2008, 10:37 am

    I don’t think anything bad came from Bill Clinton getting sucked off either, in fact, I would say the comedic value of said action and the subsequent denial has far outweighed any and all negative outcomes to have stemmed from the Presidential Oral Office Encounter. My reason for bringing it up was to point out that much like holydouche! is denying his tree-hugging, hippie tendencies, Clinton too denied something that later turned out to be entirely true.

    I gotta give you credit for your insightful observation on the exemplary recycling methods of the Playboy Mansion though. Well said.

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