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El Gammy is a douchebag

El Gammy is a douchebag.

I know he will read this, so it’s going to be funny when I get him ranked in Google for the search phrase “El Gammy is a douchebag”. This is what search engine marketers do for fun.

He and I have been going back and forth about his detest for the use of so many French words in the English language. It seems that he just doesn’t like the way certain terms are pronounced. It grinds his gears, which obviously opens the door. One of his most recent blogs goes off on certain French words and he basically wants to outlaw the use of French words in English. I mentioned in a retort that without French, we wouldn’t have one of his favorite words: douche, which is the root of douchebag. Given the number of times that word is bandied about in our office (and at our Wednesday night bowling league), I would argue that he might lose much of his ability to speak complete sentences–his speech would be a neverending series of potholes, kind of like driving the highways in Detroit…

Go ahead and visit El Gammy and his blog at El Gammy is a douche, I mean, ElGammy.com.

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  • El Gammy February 28, 2007, 11:23 pm

    Rest assured El Gammy’s retribution will be swift and merciless.

    • Jennifer Love H. August 15, 2012, 12:39 pm

      Yes.. yes he is..

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