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Football, Baseball, and Roger Waters

Saturday is the ASU/Oregon football game. That will be a good game if Rudy can pull his head out of his ass.

The St. Louis Cardinals finally won a game and the Astros finally lost. That puts the gap at 1.5 games for the moment.

Tuesday night is the Roger Waters show. I have been reading the reviews of all his shows so far on Brain Damage and unlike David Gilmour’s shows this past year, he does not vary the set list much, if at all. He will have Nick Mason play the drums every now and again, but being that we are in Phoenix (not LA or NY), we most likely won’t get anything special in terms of the guests or altered set lists.

So, I am pretty sure what to expect and when to expect it. All in all, I know I will enjoy the show because it is almost all Floyd songs and the complete Dark Side of the Moon album is the whole second set. One of the cool differences between the Roger show from the Dave shows is that Roger tends to play stuff that Dave won’t play, and Dave plays stuff that Roger won’t play, but both generally stick to the Floyd basics (Shine on, Dark Side, Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, etc.). But Roger throws in Have a Cigar, Sheep, and some of the better pieces of The Final Cut — even some of the oddities from The Wall (Vera/Bring the Boys Back Home).

The biggest thrill for me will be that I get to see the show with my pregnant wife, which means that our yet-to-be-born boy will get to see Roger Waters performing The Dark Side of the Moon as his first concert. I think that’s pretty cool because if there are no more Floyd tours (either as a group or as solo tours), at least my kid will get to say he was there.

The other cool thing is that the boy has now been to a few ASU football games, the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis for a Cardinals game over the summer, and Chase Field to see the Diamondbacks. He was also present at the David Gilmour concert show that played at the movie theater earlier this year. . .so, in a way, he has seen the full spectrum of Pink Floyd before he has taken his first breath in the world. Not bad for a kid in a womb.

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