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Fred Bird

Fredbird was the only Redbird who was Worth-a-turd last night. What a disappointment. It wasn’t so much that the Cardinals didn’t show up to play in a huge game, but the loss was sad in many ways. Larry Walker struck out looking in what is most likely his last at-bat as a pro ball player. That reminded me of how Big Mac struck out in his last AB in the 2001 playoffs here in AZ (I was there, actually). Very sad.

The other bit of sadness is the whole last game at Busch II thing. What a bummer. That was sad to see because that is the place where I saw my first game, got my first inspiration to play baseball, and where I really fell in love with the Cardinals. That place is a big deal in my life, and it was sad to see it close out in such a crappy way. At least they could have made a game out of it. And with that, it is officially hockey season.

But nice work anyway, Fredbird.

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  • Dave October 21, 2005, 4:16 am

    True. It was such a deflating experience that even the rioters and looters half-assed it. I mean, they stole mustard bottles and cup holders.

    Yesterday, all the players got to do doughnuts on the field, though. So Taguchi looked like he won at Taladega the way he was zipping around in his black E-Class. It was an odd way to end the season.

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