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Free College Basketball Bracket

PicksPal has a great college basketball bracket game called the Hoops 1001 Contest. You can win an iPod if you win a round. You can win a 42″ HDTV if you win the overall contest. This bracket is not about picking all the winners like all the other brackets you play. You get 5000 points for each round to play on any of the props, the outcomes, point spreads — just like in Vegas. It is way more fun because you can play the bracket any number of ways, and the best part is, you never get eliminated (unless you put 5000 points on a 16th seed being tied with a #1 seed at halftime like I did today in the early games).

Anyway, PLAY THIS GAME. IT RULES! Just click on the giant PicksPal banner ad above and sign up. It is free. And, since baseball season is about to start, we can all start playing against each other. It is a great way to waste time at work, too. Luckily for me I get paid to do this. The rest of you should be careful, though!

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  • El Gammy March 16, 2006, 2:28 pm

    So you really have no shame in plugging these huh? You’re my idol.

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