From the Diego double standard to animal crackers

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I saved up some things during the week that I need to blog about, so here goes:

First, holySmith! The Boy and I were flipping channels earlier this week and we came across one of his favorite shows on one of the Spanish-speaking channels – Diego. So if you have kids, you know that the cartoons Diego and Dora are bi-lingual cartoons which are mostly English, but they help teach kids Spanish as well, which is a great thing that I believe all kids should learn as early as possible.

So when I flipped on Diego on the Spanish-speaking channel, I expected to hear the reverse: 90% Spanish and 10% English. You know, so the Spanish speaking kids could learn English as well. Seems pretty fair, right? GUESS NOT! Not a damned English word to be found on Diego. So I’m calling bullshit on this one. At the very least, the bastards could at least substitute French or German – any other language so long as you are getting a dose of something other than the native language. Double standard horseshit if you ask me.

Moving right along. . .

So I am on the couch the other night with holySmith! The Wife sitting over on the chair, we’re relaxing, watching TV, enjoying the fact that holySmith! The Boy is finally in bed. I grab the only thing we have in the house that could pass for a snack food and it just happens to be a bag of animal crackers. I admit, I still eat animal crackers. And you know what, if they’re good enough for holySmith! The Boy to eat, then they are damn well good enough for holySmith! to eat as well.

Anyway, it has been a while since I’ve enjoyed the animal crackers. I take a bite. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I just bit the legs off of a zebra. I literally stopped and thought, I wonder if PETA members eat animal crackers? Wouldn’t it be some kind of cruel irony to find out that a PETA activist or leader secretly indulged in animal crackers when nobody was looking? Oh, wait, I am totally feeling a good conspiracy story coming on. . .better save that for the blog. . .

Yeah, I destroyed half the bag of animal crackers, but I admit that I felt kind of sadistic with every bite I took out of those poor, innocent animals. . .that tasted so good and were oh, so crunchy.

What else. . .hmm. I just have to say that I am happy to see that neither the Dodgers nor the Red Sox will be playing in the World Series this year. I could really care less who wins at this point, but if forced to, I would have to say I am rooting for the Rays. . . new blood is always a good thing. . .unless of course it’s Sarah Palin because she seriously has about as much substance as an empty Pepsi can.

And finally, this week marks the second birthday of holySmith! The Boy. It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, the Cardinals were in the World Series and holySmith! The Wife was just about to pop. Then, right there between games 1 and 2 of the 2006 World Series, The Boy made his debut. Now he is a fully functional talking machine with a vocabulary that, at the very least, would qualify him to govern one or more geographically substantial US states.

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