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Gas holes

The Hybrid is a year old now. All things considered, I think it is one of the best purchases I have every made. This time last year, I paid between $19 and $22 to fill ‘er up. Now I am in the $29 per fill up range. Stupid gas prices.

Used, the car is going for more than I paid for it new, even with up to 24,ooo miles on it (mine has 17,ooo). I wouldn’t sell it until some suitable alternatives are available. One thing I don’t really get is that my car is only an electric motor assisted car, which means it is basically the same car as any other car. That being said, why doesn’t every car have an electric assist motor on it and the cool little mechanism that kills the engine when you stop?

I often find myself wondering exactly how much gas we would be saving around the world if every car had an electric assist motor like the Civic. That and a real-time gas guage. That makes all the difference in the way you drive when you see exactly when and how your gas is being used as you drive.

But, we all know that won’t happen. People are going to continue to burn through fuel AND bitch about how expensive it is to do it. If I had a nickel for every time I heard some Expedition-driving ass clown bitch about how he or she just spent $70 bucks to fill their tank, I would have enough to buy them their own Hybrid.

But whatever. The funny thing is that I have always loved to drive (fast), and the Hybrid has definitely put a damper on that activity. It just isn’t fast. At all. Not even downhill. In fact, the thing is slower than shit, but given the fact that Phoenix is so congested anymore with traffic, a fast car wouldn’t do me much good anyway. I do believe I am destined to live in the boonies at some point where I can drive free and drive fast. Hopefully there is enough gas left by the time I get there.

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