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Generation Y . . .Exactly.

I guess I am a Gen-X person. Never really understood that whole thing, but it is what it is. Now they call the next ‘Generation’ ‘Generation Y’.


First we had the baby boomers – that name makes sense because all the men came back from “The War” and started buying homes and making babies to fill up the rooms. Then came the Gen-Xers, now we have Gen-Y?

What the hell happened to Generations-A through W? Why did we start with Generation X? Who picked that letter? I never liked how other generations got to name the other generations. I never got my ballot to vote for the name of the next generation (Gen-Y). That’s total crap.

I especially didn’t like that “they” named Kurt Cobain as “the voice of our generation”. I thought the guy was a worthless, no-talent ass-clown if there ever was one (Michael Bolton). The guy killed himself. I don’t want him representing my generation. That and I thought he was a total douchebag, even then.

I think they need to break up the generations by decade and allow that generation to decide collectively what they are to be named, who will be their voice and all that jazz. After all, you are talking ’bout my Gen-er-eh-she-in.

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  • El Gammy October 16, 2007, 9:46 am

    Generation Y? With all the popped collars, greasy foreheads and excessive use of mandanas going around these days, I see no other alternative than to call the next generation “Generation Douche.”

    As for why we started with Generation X? I’ve got a theory: old Pepsi commercials and the (then) WWF’s ever-so rebellious Degeneration X faction. Think about it. It will all come to you.

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