Germany Hasn’t Heard of Justin Bieber

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MAY 4, 2010 – GERMANY – In response to this interview with Justin Beiber, Germany today announced that it has no idea who the hell Justin Beiber is either.

Who the fuck is Justin Beiber

Germany asks: Who the fuck is Justin Beiber?

“Actung! Lederhosen! Volkswagen! Octoberfest! Zeitgeist!” Germany said during its press conference (a translator was unavailable at the time of this writing).

“That sounds pretty bad,” said Thad Bosley, an American tourist who happened to be in the same building in Berlin where the press conference was held. “I have no idea what Germany said right there, but it can’t be good. By the way, who the [expletive] is Justin Beiber?!?!””

As is clear from the interview, Justin Beiber hasn’t heard of Germany and doesn’t know what the word “German” means.

Click here for the video.

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      1. Ur a dumbass, everybody’s heard of collegehumor. It’s a friggin’ humor website with many other parodies like this.

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