Goin’ off the rails

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Blogs are so 2009.

Clearly I’ve let holySmith! The Blog fall into a lifeless, ghost town of a website. Mostly, I blame Facebook.

But what you don’t get on Facebook or some of the other social sites is the ability to ramble on and on about stuff. Some people don’t like to read long posts–they just want 140 characters and a picture (or it didn’t happen). Others love to get lost in the ramblings of people who love to crank out words. I think blogging’s a lost art and I don’t really know too many people who keep up their personal websites much these days.

But I’m a long-haul kind of guy, so now that blogging has fallen out of favor with the masses, it’s seems like the best time for me to double down. And in a few years, when all this web technology stuff has totally changed again, you can always fire up holySmith! and get your fill.

I also love that I have a fairly extensive historical record of crap that has happened to me since I started this thing back in 2005. One day, the blogs will be cool again.

So, I’ve decided that this blog will continue. In part, I do it for the kids. This crappy blog will be part of my legacy and it will be there when my sons are old enough to be completely embarrassed by the stuff I’ve posted about them or about me over the years. Wait until all their lady friends get to see this stuff!

We’re switching topics now.

One topic which has been massively under served here on the ol’ holySmith! blog is the second boy, Sammy. Sammy’s a big fan of trains as you can see by the hundreds of Thomas the Tank Engine representatives in the photo above. That Thomas has a never-ending supply of useful friends who cost about $22 each nowadays. That’s most of them there in the photo.

Sammy's into his trains.

We also have about 43 miles* of wooden track. If we couple every engine, tender, freight, specialty and passenger car together on the assembled track, the train can just about kiss it’s own ass.

The point here is that Zach was the topic of his fair share of blog posts (and will continue to be), but now Sammy needs to get his in as well. And when I’m old(er) and senile, I’ll be able to look back on this dumb blog and remember how it used to be. Assuming my kids keep paying the hosting bill, that is.

*Seems like it, but not really.

2 Comments on “Goin’ off the rails”

  1. Keep on fighting the good fight holySmith. Embarrassing your children is definitely a worthy cause.

    Your #1 fan,

  2. Keep on fighting the good fight holySmith. Embarrassing your children is definitely a worthy cause.

    Your #1 fan,

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