Happy 200th post, holySmith!

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Screw Xmas, let’s celebrate the 200th post of holySmith.com!

I honestly had no idea I was on my 200th post until I upgraded my WordPress for like the 28th time in as many weeks. Now they have this new admin dashboard that shows you fun stats like the number of posts you have, etc. I love WordPress, but they update this thing so often, it’s almost as hard to keep up with as holySmith! The Boy these days.

Anyhoo, it’s the holidays. We had some friends over a week or two ago and I went back to my beer roots a bit and picked out a bomber bottle of beer that looked interesting. It is called Cordillera Blanca White Chocolate Ale and it is made here in AZ by the Sonoran Brewing Company. Two words: GOOD SHIT.

Their website is awful, so it is clear they spend all their time and effort on the beer, which is a good thing.

I haven’t enjoyed a beer like I did this one in quite some time. It’s smooth, drinkable, and it actually has a fantastic lingering aftertaste. I’d have to say it is a strong candidate for one of my all-time favorites, indeed. I am not nearly the beer-snob I once was, but this one is a keeper for sure. To steal a line from Ferris Beuller: If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

And that’s the 200th post. It always comes back to the beer.

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