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Happy Bowling Night (Valentine’s Day) – The new computer is here!

I got the new computer a few days earlier than expected. Now I have to install all the stuff I need, connect it to my home wireless network, XBox 360, Smart Phone, and remote desktop at work. I tried to do most of it last night, but I realized that I can’t stay up as late as I used to be able to do.

Apparently I am getting old(er).

The funny part is that I don’t even get up that early. I don’t know. Maybe I am just lazy or pre-occupied.

Whatever. It’s bowling night/Valentine’s Day. I have a new ball I am trying out with a new drill pattern than previous balls I have used. This one has good backend reaction without having to really torque it, which I don’t do anyway. It should be fun. I threw a 255 with it the second time I used it, so I expect great things.

300 beware. . . holySmith! is coming for you.

In other words, the wife and I aren’t really doing much for V-Day. We usually have our fun the day after V-Day just to be different (incidentally, we celebrate holySmith! The Baby’s conception on Feb. 15). My apologies to any relatives who might be reading this for the mental images…

We are at the stage in marriage where we don’t buy chocolates because they can give her and the baby gas, which means romance is out of the question shortly after delivery of said chocolates. So we don’t do those. Flowers are too John Smith cliche, and jewelry is not something she wears that often (of course, I just opened the door for her to claim that she WOULD wear more of it if a certain HUSBAND of hers would BUY her some damn JEWELRY!). In a related story, the harvest from my money tree was a bit light this year, so we have to rely on gifts from the heart instead.

How about some impromptu poetry from holySmith! to holySmith! The Wife.

holySmith! The Wife
The love of holySmith’s life
Hallmark has forced them
to play this game.

To celebrate the day
with flowers, how gay.
Yeah, that kind of gay.
And what a cliche.

holySmith! is a man of words.
He fires them out and they fly like birds.
In through her ears and
deep into her heart.

So look within
and feel the love.
The eagle has landed,
the flag is planted.

Oh, holySmith! The Wife
the love of holySmith!’s life.
This little rhyme is hardly a gift,
but priceless (in hopes) that it gives you a lift!

holySmith! The Wife is worth all the jewels and flowers in the world and I think we will be more romanticated [EDITOR’S NOTE: holySmith!’s degree in English allows him to bend the language as he sees fit as well as create his own words. After all, our president does it all the time.] once holySmith! The Baby starts going to bed at a decent hour!

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  • Mom February 15, 2007, 7:35 am

    Dearest child of mine! Nice poem, but jewels and flowers work. Without being told, picking up after yourself, doing the laundry, dishes, making the bed, hanging up wet towels, taking holySmith! Baby for a drive or walk or just to the garage for a short while, can do wonders! You and holySmith! the Brother have luckily found the two most wonderful women to be your beloveds and holySmith! the Mama would like to keep her two daughters happy to stay in the family for a thousand years. Keep up your end of the bargain, carry more of your share of the load especially during this new baby time! Give her hugs, do some chores, watch her smile, make her laugh. Don’t screw up. Love, the Mama

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