Help us Albert Pujols, you’re our only hope

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Albert Pujols, if you really are clean and you didn’t do any HGH or steroids, then the game of baseball is yours do dominate. Stick to what you are doing because it works.

Steroid use clearly reduces brain cells and turns people into retards who lie compulsively – every one of them proclaims they didn’t do it, yet every one of them did it.

People are acting as if A-Roid (thanks El Gammy) was the lone hope and savior for our tarnished game, but holySmith! is officially calling bullshit on that notion because the one guy who has stood tall in all the crap is our humble Cardinal Albert Pujols.

Deep down, I am hoping that Albert wasn’t doping [Editor’s Note: holySmith! is a poet and boy don’t he know it!]

At the end of the day, he is the one who could pull baseball out of this shit-tornado. And just as Big Mac dragged the game out of shittsville in the late 1990s after the strike (and simultaneously dragged the game into the steroid era), I think Albert is the guy that people will look to as the beacon of hope for baseball and it’s legacy.

Assuming Pujols is clean, his numbers are a threat to even the ‘roid era record numbers in terms of pretty much all the major offensive categories. AND, Albert has what A-Roid will never have: a World Series Championship.

But if it turns out he did, then the best thing he could do is just come out and say it now and move on. I think he has said in the past that he hasn’t done anything like that, but we all know what that’s worth now and he would be just another one of them.

Help us Albert Pujols. You’re our only hope.

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  1. Hahaha, you are truly amazing, holySmith! And a big thank you for correctly using ‘you’re.’ Being a complete Grammar Nazi, my biggest pet-peeve is when people write things like, “Your eating fried rice.” (I don’t know why I chose fried rice; Chinese food on the brain, maybe?) But anyway, the incorrect use of ‘you’re’ pisses me off and it seems to become more and more common.

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