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Hockey is like my old girlfriend

Hockey is addictive and expensive, kind of like an old girlfriend can be. You know, one of those on-again, off-again relationships that has one nice upside (use your imagination), but a very expensive downside — but that doesn’t stop you from playing.

I used to play hockey – a lot of it. At one point I was playing in three different leagues per week (in-line) and even some ice games every now and again. Unfortunately, Phoenix isn’t exactly a hotbed of hockey, so it is tough to find a place to play in-line hockey.

But now I desperately need the exercise and I have finally found some people who also want to play, so it seems like the time is now. Unfortunately, I am so out of shape that I can see this being a painful experience for me, at least for a few weeks before I adapt.

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  • uncle bob January 15, 2007, 9:40 pm

    Take heart youngster, your old uncle revived his career this fall by scoring 15 goals and 11 assists in 13 games(3 hat tricks)but I digress. The reason I prospered is the same reason old men such as Jimmy Edmonds get to so many fly balls. It’s because we want to! So win every race to the puck and don’t think about what you’re doing when that breakaway occurs. Practice the doctrine of reckless abandon and you too shall brag to your grandchildren about your glory days, unless that is, you keep skating long enough to play alongside the kids! Keep skating, you need to stay in shape to keep up with that baby.XXXOOO from old #15

  • Mr Smith January 16, 2007, 12:58 am

    UPDATE: Yep, I played 90 minutes of drop-in hockey on Friday night. After about the third shift, I was about to collapse. My brain kept telling my arms and legs what to do, but my arms and legs weren’t exactly cooperating.

    I did manage to catch a second wind later in the game and somehow managed to score three goals. I also managed to get tripped a few times and even lost my legs trying to spin around and catch some fast young kid and wound up on my ass…

    Those things didn’t used to hurt, but I had enough fun to go want back for more next week. They only charge $5 to play drop-in, so I think I will continue to abuse myself. Who wouldn’t for $5. Waayyy cheaper than a gym membership!

    And did I WANT it when I was out there…OH Yeah. I was one of the oldest guys out there and I loved it. I had on the vintage equipment (the newest piece of equipment on me was from like 12 years ago). I was sporting a vintage Quebec Nordiques sweater with the full matching ensemble as I was skating around with kids who weren’t even born when the Nordiques still lived in Quebec. I figure if Gordie Howe can play until he was like 70, then I can sure as hell play some in-line in my early 30s. Cheers Uncle Bob!

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