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holyMath! (Life + Work + Stress)*(Insomnia)=Rants

That formula and order of operations is probably not accurate, so GFYS. I have a degree in English. Anyway, when it gets late and my brain won’t shut up and let me sleep, I try to find something to write a rant-blog about. Lots of things bother me lately. One thing which I have probably mentioned before, is the number of douchebag kids in the recent Little League World Series. All the American kids look like a bunch of moppy-haired white suburbanite douchebags with their way-too-big flat brimmed caps, slightly off-center for that freshly douched up feeling. Wow. This is something that Grandpa and I agree on, 120%.

The kids themselves probably aren’t so bad, but they choose to look like douche tools, so we must treat them as such.

And another thing. . .Michael Vick found god. Now we can all forgive him and move on, right? Oh, yeah, he found god. Let’s cut him a break. Yep, score one more for the religious right. You tortured and killed dogs because you are a pompous moron and when they take all your money away, you suddenly shape up and find god. Well, it just goes to show you that when all else fails, our imaginary friends will always be there to love us.

Oh, and don’t get me started on college starting up again. My town got another 50k more residents in the past few weeks, with their stupid crooked flat-billed hats and their moppy gaywad hair and their dorky oversized sunglasses. I can’t wait until the flannel phase comes back around. I am really dissapointed in fashion trends lately. Of all the crap to bring back, they had to bring the late 70s and early 80s stuff back. Look out Mr. Roper.

And blogs. How dumb are they? People with their stupid opinions, like anyone wants to read such garbage.

OK, mission accomplished. I am sleepy now.

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  • El Gammy August 29, 2007, 4:38 pm

    I feel your pain holysmith! I also share your sentiments for these dbag little leaguers and their gaywad hair. Every single one of them reminds me of Mitch from Dazed and Confused. Like Mitch, I hope each and every single one of them take a pounding in the ass courtesy of a huge wooden paddle (admit it Jon, you were thinking gay thoughts all through that last sentence – you sick fffffffreak).

    It’s probably easier for them to wipe their girly tears with their girly hair after they lose anyway… pansies.

  • uncle bob September 15, 2007, 8:56 pm

    Stylish= good, Fashionable=bad. Mr. Smith, once again you hit the nail on the head. The fashion gurus always convince you they have come up with a fresh take on a turd. Wear crap and you look like crap, no matter who you are. Find syles that flatter your personality and go against the popular wisdom. I couldn’t wear my seersucker suit for a few months because all the assholes who were reading the latest fashion news had to go out and buy themselves stuff that was almost as cool as mine.(once again, I was sporting it before it was cool) The only way to look good and fight the powers that be is to be a contrarian and wear/act as you wish.Bring back the classic pump and the feminine clothes of the eighties. Banish polyester hippie clothing. Over and out .

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