holySmith! Bowls Again

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I got a last-minute invite from none other than Chad to sub in a summer league last night. Despite some initial reservations on my part–I hadn’t bowled in well over a year–I rolled in with the 3-ball bag, both pairs of bowling shoes and a few microfiber towels and got down to it.

The results were a respectable 213 – 182 – 217 for a 612 series. My strike ball lost its way a bit in game 2, but other than that, things felt pretty good. We might consider jumping back into a league again in the near future.

Now if we could just get holySmith! The Parents to retire out here, we could either A) form a formidable mixed-league team with myself, holySmith! The Wife and the aforementioned holySmith! The Parents or B) holySmith! The Parents could fulfill their grand-parental obligation to babysit for holySmith! The Offspring while holySmith! and holySmith! The Wife go out and bowl. It’s a family tradition.

Either way would be nothing but win.

The bowling bug has bitten once again. Perhaps it’s time to get back in the saddle and make new memories.

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  1. Memories… in the corner of my eye. That’s it. That’s all I got.

    Kids take everything away from their parents. Even bowling. Is nothing sacred anymore? Why aren’t their bowling centers with daycares?

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