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holySmith! gets political on your ass

We got our early voting ballots in the mail the other day. It’s a big fat envelope and it looks pretty intimidating, like the way homework used to look to me back in the day. In the 2004 election, it took holySmith! The Wife and I three days to go through the entire thing and vote. The further down the ballot you get, particularly with the state, local elections and propositions, the tougher it gets.

There just isn’t a lot of info out there (at least there wasn’t in 04) by which to judge some of the things for which we must cast a vote. That kind of scares me.

I know a lot of people gloss over the lower-rung stuff, but in 04, I used my trusty laptop to try to find as much info as I could about the local candidates rather than just voting by party or by which name I remembered seeing on a sign plastered on the corner of whatever intersection in town. We looked up every judge as we went down the list, and those were the toughest ones because there just isn’t much info other than the peer-reviews upon which to base a decision. We read the fine print. And when you do that, it becomes apparent that there are small groups out there who are savvy enough to work the system and word things in such a way that it makes it look like a noble thing to vote for, but in reality, you just let let the wolf into the pen with all the sheep.

So by half-assing the lower-end ballot stuff, you are potentially voting for something bad. If you think about it, you could be electing some freakpot whacko on the local level, and before you know it, that freakpot whacko is climbing the ladder and eventually running for a senate seat or the presidency or something.

holySmith! doesn’t think we need more freakpot whackos holding elected positions, so that’s why it is worth taking the time to carefully consider each and every vote you cast. And you should vote and feel confident that even if you have to choose between two total wastes-of-space, you at least are picking the lesser of the two evils, one way or another.

I am holySmith! and I approve this message because even though I know that I am kind of preaching to the choir given the fact that the majority of my reading audience already does take the time to vote carefully and completely, it never hurts to remind people to be diligent in such matters. . . so get off your ass and vote!

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  • Todd November 4, 2008, 1:15 pm

    Weren’t the propositions worded strangely? I read and re-read them a few times and by the end I wasn’t sure exactly what I was voting for. Particularly the gay marriage one – neither option was fair, really.

    I was so bamboozled by the props I didn’t dare touch the judges.

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