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holySmith! (holySmith!adil blogafilis)

Sleepless nights? Restless legs? High blood pressure? Wet noodles?

Not anymore.

holySmith! (holySmith!adil blogafilis) takes care of all these commercial ailments and has been known to eradicate the common cold, malaria, and unsightly back hair. When the moment is right, holySmith! is ready (up to 36 hours) when you are and it has been clinically proven to lower your blood pressure by 18% more than diet and exercise alone. When your legs are screaming “let’s run” but the rest of you is like, “screw that, let’s catch up on Heroes” – you need the restless leg calming effects of holySmith!.

holySmith! is the most studied and well researched medicine of its kind. Only you and your doctor can determine if holySmith! is right for you. Do not take holySmith! if you are taking large doses of NSAIDs or energy beverages. Never take holySmith! with Johnny Walker or Wild Turkey. Consult your physician if you experience headaches, boredom, or nausea. If you experience more than four hours of continuous bathroom time, consult your physician immediately and discontinue use of holySmith!. Known but rare side effects of taking holySmith! include bleeding from the eyes, marathon vomiting, fear of dark, enclosed spaces, and general paranoia. The most common side effects associated with use of holySmith! are uncontrollable crying and that “wet dog” smell.

Ask your doctor today if holySmith! is right for you. Do not expect holySmith! to be on the $4 list at the Wal-Mart pharmacy. The “good shit” never costs $4. holySmith! is not intended for recreational or Las Vegas use.

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