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HolySmith! makes the Urban Dictionary

By way of my Google Alerts, I learned just minutes ago that HolySmith! has broken the lexicographical glass ceiling.

Yes, the Urban Dictionary now contains an entry for “holy smith grind“, whatever the hell that means.

I am going to go ahead and pull rank as the creator of “holy smith” in any and all forms (with “holySmith!” being the proper spelling/style/punctuation) as a euphemism for “holy shit” as evidenced by the holySmith! About page, particularly the FAQs, most specifically, the answer to the second most frequently asked question, which is “holySmith! are you really ‘holy’?”.

Rejoice holySmith! readers, for today it is the Urban Dictionary, so tomorrow it will be Webster’s, and the day after that, the OED!

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