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holySmith! plans to invoke fear to get what he wants

If you are scared to spend money, the government will mail you a check because they are scared you won’t keep shopping, paying taxes, and funding wars and fruit fly research. If you maintain your fear, the government will order a giant plate of bailout to get your bank to keep lending you money to blow on crap like houses and what-not. If you persist, the Fed will cut interest rates so wealthy people can get better deals on crap like houses and cars or whatever since nobody else can actually really afford a new car or home right now.

If you are afraid a Democrat might get elected president, hurry up and go buy a gun. Apparently there are a lot of you already.

If the local systems start to get out of line, instill fear. . .fear of your battle station. . .to get them back in line. It’s the only way you will become the ultimate power in the universe.

It seems that fear is a pretty powerful tool these days, so holySmith! is looking to start using fear to get stuff. Halloween is a good time of year to use fear to get what you want, especially when what you want is an assortment of fun-sized candy bars.

holySmith! could totally go for a Snickers or a Reese’s right about now.

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