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holySmith has a boat.

The Boy on The Boat.

It’s a Sea Eagle Sport Runabount 12′ 6″ rigid keel inflatable boat, to be more exact. It also has an electric trolling motor with 45lbs of thrust. We also have a small Humminbird fish finder, which is pretty handy.

holySmith The Boy and I took it out for the first run on Tempe Town Lake over Memorial Day weekend. Here are the highlights of the inaugural excursion:

  • The boat had a pinhole leak that almost caused me to abort the trip right after we put it in the water (luckily I was able to patch it).
  • We had to cut the rope to the anchor when it got stuck on something*
  • The transom-mounted wheels need some adjustments
  • It was windy
  • The motor/battery performed well
  • The fish finder works well
  • I caught a rather large fish, but it got off the hook just shy of landing it in the boat
  • The Boy officially landed the first fish on the boat (Largemouth)

*That’s hard to do in Town Lake since there is almost NOTHING in that lake in terms of structure.

The Boy lands the first fish on The Boat (a largemouth bass).

The first mission was a bit rough at the beginning, but once we were underway, we had a good time. The Boy got to drive the boat a bit and he also was in charge of keeping an eye on the fish finder. Being this was a test run, we have a list of bugs to iron out for the next attempt. Further boating adventures will be posted here.

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