holySmith! The Car needs new wiper blades

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I forgot to send this information to holySmith! The Father (a.k.a. Master of All Things Automotive and Buyer of Retail Automotive Accessories) the other day to confirm what type of blades are required. The following is a direct quote from Honda, the makers of my 2006 Civic Hybrid, regarding the wiper blades:

The driver’s blade measures 25.6 inches in length, much longer than the usual blade, while the passenger’s blade measures 22.6 inches in length. The superior flat blade construction features long lasting durability, yet is also easy to service with a rubber insert that requires no special tools or high cost items to replace.

We’ll see how “easy to service” these mofos are as I’ve read some horrific tales of other people with the same or similar cars having major problems changing the blades out due to some kind of defect in the way they were designed. It’s either that or there are a lot of non-mechanically-inclined asshats driving hybrids, which is more than likely the case, present company excluded of course.

Anyway, thanks in advance to holySmith! The Father for his assistance with the procurement and acquisition of said blades.

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