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2011 has been a year of change for holySmith! and you’d never know it by looking at this website because I haven’t updated it much.

holySmith! has been busy.

This is a classic case of the carpenter’s house never being finished. I spend most of my waking hours working on websites for one client or another and when I get home, there are two fine young holySmith! kids waiting to consume my attention, plus the finest wife in the history of wives — holySmith! The Wife.

So with all that, the time to blog/eBitch about things has kind of fallen off the table. But I am determined to keep holySmith! The Website alive and well because I’ve noticed that my competition has pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth now that we have stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. Many of the people who thought they could handle running and writing a website or blog have since come to terms with their inability to do it full time and instead, they tweet or post crap on walls (literally or on Facebook).

And that leaves holySmith! to pick up where others fell off. There are too many years of worthless content on here to walk away now, so this train’s gonna keep on rollin’ all night long.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to post. I have at least 8-10 posts that I’ve written to various degrees of completion, however, after writing them, I felt like they were all pointless and decided to stop. That usually means that they were too serious, too political, or I just ran out of enthusiasm for them and said, ‘screw it’. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make fun of Chad or something. That’s always good for some fun and best of all, Chad likes it because he gets to be Internet Famous for a while.

Stay tuned, if there are any of you still paying attention at all.

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