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How about an Iced Tea

So I was going to post the newest episode of my Oscar-nominated series “Conversations with a 2-Year-Old” but Xtranormal.com is having some slow server issues. Given the delay and the fact that I have a ton of actual work to deal with today, I thought I’d tide you over with the very first Xtranormal video that I made. Now that it’s like three months old, it’s practically a classic.

A bit of context: if you know Chad and/or me, we tend to drink a lot of Iced Tea. This goes back a long way. We have a convenience store near our office and we walk over there almost every day to get iced tea refills. Part of the fun is that Chad is notorious for singing to everyone. His songs of choice are usually soft-rock hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s (see the classic “Why do I know these songs” post for the full scoop on that).

Anyhoo, enjoy:

Just in case, here’s the link to Xtranormal for the Iced Tea Video. . .

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  • Chad March 27, 2010, 6:32 pm

    The Iced Tea Video still isn’t working.

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